The organization wants to promote the art of the organ to the fullest extent, including:

  • relaying the organ tradition to the largest possible group of both cultural enthusiasts and professionals of the organ world through such highly-examined means as publishing a quarterly magazine (including a one-time issue and CD of Flemish organs) and maintaining the website
  • having the organ be recognized as part of the Flemish and European cultural heritage
  • allowing the organ to serve as a high standard cultural role model within modern society, through which all participants may be inspired, supported, and offered a forum
  • stimulating a renewed interest for the organ both in and out of a church context;
  • making known both historical and modern organ compositions
  • stimulating the artistic activity of both composers and organists;
  • advancing improvisation skills;
  • reviewing new publications (DVDs, CDs, books, sheet music);
  • giving attention to aspects related to organ building and musicology in relation to conservation, restoration, reconstruction and building of specific organ types;
  • maintaining worldwide contact with editors of organ magazines, organists, organ historians and specialists, organ builders, organizations, and music publishers;
  • positioning the Flemish organ tradition amid international movements;
  • exploring the link between related keyboard instruments: clavichord, harpsichord, piano, and harmonium;
  • publishing reports on organs which have been restored thanks to the assistance of such supporters as the Flemish Community (Vlaamse Gemeenschap), through which the image of the Flemish organ tradition can be strengthened and shared;
  • striving for an abundance of applicable commentary over all aspects of the organ through an open and critical approach;
  • considering the future of the rich Flemish organ tradition in a vastly-changing society.